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UH Kapi‘olani Community College

Titanic: A Water Themed Breakout Room

You are sitting comfortably in the dining room of the RMS Titanic, when suddenly, alarms start going off. You need to evacuate the ship! You try to open the exit door to get to the lifeboat, but what is the combination to the lock? Will you be able to solve the clues and escape before the dining room is completely submerged in water?

Please join us in 220 Grille! Sign up in advance to attend one of the 30 minute sessions, at Google Sign-up or email

Time slots are: Wed Dec. 5 (1:55-2:25p & 2:30-3p), and Thurs Dec. 6 (10:55-11:25a & 11:30-12p)

Dec 6 2018 11:30 AM – 2018 12:00 PM
220 Grille, ʻŌhiʻa Building, Kapiʻolani Community College